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Developer, coder, programmer: a trendy and evolving profession

They are called developers, but also coders or programmers. They are being torn off from all sides, in companies, institutions, organizations, in the private sector as well as in the public, at advertisers or agencies. They make rain and shine on our apps, websites, video games and software. Developers are enjoying a good time. Let's explore what makes them the most wanted men and women in the digital world and the web.

Coding means "Writing" a computer language to develop a tool. It can be a website, an application or a software. Several languages ​​exist, Java script, Python, PHP, Ruby, HTML / CSS ...

Coders each have their own specificities. Their expertise concerns one or more languages ​​but it is impossible to master everything perfectly as the field of expertise is dense.

Front-end and Back-end are added to the title of developer. The first is specialized in the languages ​​HTML, CCS, Javascript and concerns the functionalities visible to the user (the framework of the program, the order of the sections…). The second uses the languages ​​PHP, Ruby, Python, Node JS), to work on features invisible to the end user (such as the automation of sending emails, the mechanics of the shopping cart and the online payment…).

The profession does not wait for diplomas for job evolutions. Experience, expertise, curiosity and passion stand out in the field of php programming. Responsibility can go very quickly and some do not hesitate to sell their skills at a high price, because they know that their profile is sought after and that they are often in demand. Some recruitment firms have made digital professions their specialty. We see on the job boards a whole arsenal of flattering words to attract coding experts "gurus, genius, tenors ..." enough to make our programming professionals blush, and rightly so.

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