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Mastering custom Php application development

Do you have a thought for a start-up? Problem, computers aren't your strong suit. I'll walk you thru the way to find a developer to bring your ideas to life for a convenient custom php application development.

The different possibilities to seek out a developer

That of making my start-up. Everything else was just questioning. during which domain ? With whom ? How? 'Or' What ? I had no answer. Then I came up with a thought . this is often the primary step. It seems rather logical but I like better to clarify it. don't approach a developer if you are doing not have a concrete project to submit. i will be able to come thereto a touch later anyway. Once my idea was more or less clear in my head, I took an interest within the different possibilities available to me to bring it to life. And there are three:

  • Partner with a developer: I internalize IT development
  • Use an agency: I outsource IT development to many developers
  • Use a freelancer: I outsource IT development to one developer

A developer on site or remotely?

Then it's up to you. does one prefer an on-site or remote developer? It's a private decision. For my part, I wanted a developer there to ascertain him more regularly. However, the developer in my city wasn't available enough and that we stopped working. And my current partner lives a 3 hour drive from my house. And our collaboration suits me perfectly. We communicate well and frequently . So I changed my perspective. And on behalf of me , distance is clearly not a problem in an association.

Facebook groups

Another method that I even have never used this time: Facebook groups. I just joined tons of start-up groups on Facebook. And it's quite common to ascertain project leaders posting a post during which they explain their project and what they're trying to find . i do not know if many associations are formed during this way. But what's certain is that there are tons of responses to the present sort of post.

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