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Mobile and Ror everything is possible !

At first, it was enough to create websites to fully interact with the web world. Currently, it is important to take into account parameters such as support during the development work. Indeed, connect to PC and smartphone must show the same results. To achieve this goal, it will be important to consider the choice of the tool during the development work. A recurring tools and the highest rated among startups is now ruby ​​on rails thanks to its advantages.

The choice of MMR

The ruby on rails developers have chosen this tool thanks to its many benefits. Remember, ruby ​​on rails or ror is a framework using the Ruby language for developing web application. Everything was done so that the production is greatly increased through the use of this tool. Clearly, with the development ror will focus on fundamental principles. Above all, there is the DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself that will have items in one place during work. The management then it will be almost perfect. There is also the Convention over configuration which will make the development even faster. Indeed, ror will base the development on agreements which will avoid focusing on the configuration. Ror is the reference in terms of fast work with flawless results.

Suitable for mobile

Admittedly, ruby ​​on rails has several advantages that can easily be used at work. It goes without saying that the adaption mobile applications will be at the appointment. The Smpartphones taking more and more space lately making it an essential tool. We must therefore adapt all sites as mobile constraints. With ror, it will be possible to create sites suitable for all needs. This will expand even more the list of benefits that this tool. From there, the adoption of ruby ​​on rails will be obvious to all who seek a tool perfectly combining practicality and quality of the result.

Mobile development

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