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The mobile will take the place of the deskop, be ready for your website !

Anyone who plans to embark on e-commerce has already heard talk about the famous m-commerce, in other words mobile e-commerce! Ok, but is it really strategic to focus time and money on m-commerce?

M-commerce, a real business opportunity

In a context very favorable to mobile e-commerce, where we see the omnipresence of smartphones, and the constant development of new mobile services, a strong trend is emerging: we aspire to be able to do more by moving nothing but the tips of our fingers! Mobile e-commerce is gradually becoming more democratic. Already most of the sectors are concerned, both in terms of demand... and supply (so be careful not to miss the train!). Some have already announced that m-commerce will weigh as much in 2020 as e-commerce on desktop.

And for a m-commerce site how do you do?

The technical solution of your site m-commerce is the first subject to decide. There are 3 possibilities that each has some advantages and disadvantages:
- The dedicated mobile site: this is to create a really specific site, though only for mobile users. This solution is the one that offers the most flexibility to create the mobile site, because it is possible to decide on a navigation, an organization and a presentation of content completely different from those of the main e-commerce site. But this solution is cumbersome to evolve.

- The mobile site responsive: this time it is a question of designing a site whose interface adapts automatically according to the size of the screen of the terminal used to consult it. Concretely there is only one site, but it does not present the same way on a computer, a tablet and a cell phone. Your site is accessible from all devices with the same domain name. But the disadvantage is the time to download pages: too long.

- The site with dynamic serving: it is a bit of an intermediate solution because it allows to display to the mobile users a version of the site different from that which they see on the desktop computer, but from the same URL.

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