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What is PHP str_replace() function ?

The majority of php development company currently using php to satisfy their customers. In fact, this programming language promises many features and an unparalleled dynamism. But what especially interests us today is the str_replace () function. The latter's role is to return an array or string. Ie all occurences of search in subject are replaced with replace. It is very useful especially if you do not need fancy replacing rules as regular expressions, for example. You can use it in exchange for preg_replace ().

The parameter list

If your parameters search and replace correspond to the tables, your str_replace () function will then prenre the value of each table will then use them to search and replace on subject. In the event that replace parameters has less value than the search parameters, and use an empty string as the value for the rest of replacement values. If the replace parameter is a character string as the search parameter remains a table, the replacement string will then be used for each search value. If replace and search are both tables then each of the components will be processed the first to the last.

To remember

Search is defined as the mask. That’s means, it is the value to search. It is possible that a table can be used to refer to a few masks.
Replace is the replacement value that you replace the values found. A table can also be used to designate several replacement values or several replace.

Subject, also known as the haystack is the string or just the table on which you have to search and replacement. If there is a table, the replacement will be done on each of its elements. In this case, the return value is also a table.

Count will contain the number of replacements in case it will be provided. This is a single variable.

The return value is a function which is to return a string or an array that contains the replaced values.

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