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What is Xdebug for Php ?

The web application developers familiar with PHP which is one of the most used in the website creation tools. The many benefits of PHP perfectly explain the excitement face with its use. Unsurprisingly, being a tool, it is possible that this php bugs especially php version 7. Fortunately, any bugs of these tools are often cropped up as soon as possible and it is through this that Xdebug is born . The latter is, indeed, a must if one wants to enjoy all the features of PHP 7.

Xdebug: generalities

The professionals in the use of php like php development company using Xdebug to correct errors and accidents in the introduction to using PHP 7. We all know, the early versions of this software still have minor bugs . Xdebug is essential if one wants to use php. Also, it is noted that the latter is installable through PECL. A new version of Xdebug is also available and offers features such as the monitoring function whose role is to define a list of functions. A new setting with the system will also see a stack trace in relation to all errors. Of course, 4 versions were produced for supporting PHP Xdebug 7 which had a good number of accidents. The latest version is, incidentally, the last say as professionals in the field.

Other versions

If the fourth version of Xdebug was a support base for php 7 so that it reaches an improved version, other versions that preceded it. The third version, she was a support for PHP 7 and was a rewrite on the basic code to support PHP 5.4. It solve the strange optimization problems with GCC 4.8. The basic system of this version is exclusively windows. The second version was intended to fix bugs in the first version basically. These problems were based on exceptions and deadlocks. Note also that this version will run mainly on disclosure default file.

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