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Engage into Php web development

The profession in php web development is attracting more and more interest in a career choice. It offers a wide range of specialties such as enterprise application programming, game creation, artificial intelligence, and many more that inspire passion among many young people.

What is web development?

Appeared with the Internet, web development refers to the process of writing a website or a web page in a technical language. This is a must for any content to go online and reach its readers.

What is web development?

Web development is based on the use of languages ​​(HTML / CSS, JavaScript, PHP ...) to write programs that are then executed by computers. The instructions are put in place on the Internet and are carried out on servers. Depending on the needs of site owners or web pages, these can consist of text and graphic elements that look like a document or be interactive by displaying information that changes (eg shopping cart).

The job of the web developer

The web developer is responsible for the realization of all technical features of a website or a web application. Depending on the requirements presented in a precise specification, this specialist analyzes the needs and defines the appropriate technical solution. He then develops the functionality of the website or the web application by writing lines of code. Its missions also include the diagnosis and the resolution of problems detected on a site already online. Versatility, autonomy, adaptability and respect for deadlines are among the qualities of this professional.

PHP at the heart of dynamic websites

PHP is a cross-platform OpenSource scripting language (Unix, Linux, Windows) comparable to Microsoft's ASP. It supports all the web protocols (HTTP, SMTP, LDAP ...) and offers native access to the main databases of the market. PHP offers all the features to build sophisticated dynamic websites.

With his web-oriented technical background, the web developer is experimenting with many methods and languages, such as PHP, Java or Perl, while remaining in his computer sphere. In a more concrete way, by using for example the PHP coupled to Javascript, the developer has the faculty to make a site totally dynamic and configurable.

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