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Which languages do we use?

Programming languages ​​we use are many because web languages ​​are numerous. If our chosen language is PHP course, we also use other languages: HTML and CSS basics but other too. As web developers we need to use multiple programming languages ​​and multiple frameworks.


The Hypertext Markup Language, HTML generally short, is the data format designed to display web pages. It is a markup language for writing hypertext, hence its name. It is often used in conjunction with programming languages ​​(JavaScript) and presentation formats (CSS cascading style sheets). HTML is originally derived from the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML).
Cascading Style Sheets, commonly called CSS, form a computer language that describes the presentation of HTML and XML documents.The standards defining CSS are published by the World Wide Web Consortium ( W3C). Introduced in the middle of 1990s, CSS usually becomes used in the design of Web sites and taken care well by Web browsers in the 2000s
HTML and CSS are the languages ​​used by servers when they send web pages to customers, that is to say the computers of Internet users. The servers know how to send web pages only in the form of code in HTML language and CSS.


Very complete language, it allows to realize most of the applications, but it is mainly used to put on-line databases in Web sites. The syntax of PHP is a language mixture of C and Perl. It is an open source language. It is used to build dynamic said interactive sites. The greatest quality of the PHP language, compared to other scripting languages, is that it supports a large number of DBMS (Oracle, SQL Server , ...), the most used is MySQL, which is distributed free .

Our php developers are building your website mainly in PHP language , with the help of many frameworks of PHP ( Zend , Laravel , Symfony ... ).

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