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Build a Php website and will be never disappointed !

Blogs, social networking, personalized home pages ... In recent years, websites have grown in functionality and become at the same time more and more complex. That gone are the days of the "personal web page"! There is a time when we could simply create a basic site. Some text, some pictures and our personal website was ready! Today is different: it has to move! It is expected that a site is updated regularly: we want to see news on the home page, we want to comment, chat on forums, in short, to participate in the site.
PHP was precisely designed to create "living" site: we speak of dynamic sites.

What are two types of websites, static sites and dynamic sites?

Static websites: they are only made sites using HTML and CSS. They work fine but their contents can not be updated automatically: it is necessary that the website owner (webmaster) modifies the source code to add new features. It's not very practical when we have to update our site several times in the same day! Static websites are so well adapted to create "showcase" sites, to present such a business, but without going further. This type of site is increasingly rare today, because as soon as we add an element of interaction (such as a contact form), we no longer speak of but static site dynamic site.

Dynamic websites
: more complex, they use other languages ​​in addition to HTML and CSS, such as PHP and MySQL. The content of these websites is called "dynamic" because it can change without the intervention of the webmaster! Most web sites you visit today, are dynamic sites. The only prerequisite to learn how to create such sites is to know already produce static websites in HTML and CSS.

So build your PHP website ! If you have any doubt, please contact our php developers.

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