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Using the up / down method for a migration

The field of web development is varied and is now unavoidable. You should know that almost everyone is connected what makes this world all the more interesting. It will be important to take into account and interact with designing websites. During the development work of the latter, it will be important to use effective tools as ruby ​​on rails. This tool has, moreover, impeccably rating in the area and it perfectly reflects the many benefits of this tool like the making of a migration.

The using of ruby ​​on rails

Clearly, ruby ​​on rails ror or for short is a framework making use of the ruby ​​language for developing web applications. This tool has a very good rating from startups through its many benefits. The ruby on rails developers choose this particular framework with its unbeatable production. Ror will allow the development of website in minutes. In the case of a blog for example, the site will be created in only 62 lines of code. It is therefore perfectly explains its rating. Of course, there are other advantages that explain the excitement of using ror as the structure of presence for a project, the possibility of migration, a more specified working environment thanks to the tool or the safety during development.

Migration: possible with ROR

Making migration is also possible with the Active Record function of ror. With this function, it will be possible to change the database schema. The ruby ​​migration will easily describe any changes to the tables. Migration can therefore be defined as a new version of the database. Clearly, the pattern of the database begins with nothing and evolve As each migration. We speak of adding or removing tables, columns or entries. The Active role will record, thereafter, to update this scheme effectively. It goes without saying therefore that with ror, labor migration will be simple while being quick with a unique result. It suffices to understand the workings to be able to pass easily.

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